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Budd St.Gallery

Artist Callout - Group exhibition in support of same-sex marriage

QUEER APOCALYSE curated by Phil Soliman

Phil Soliman is a multidisciplinary artist and curator, teacher and other things. He has exhibited and performed across Australia and Auckland. Among his many roles within the arts industry are directorships of Coalesce artist run initiative in Melbourne and Monstrosity Gallery in Sydney.

EXHIBITION BRIEF - Margaret Court says Christmas will be cancelled. Tony Abbott says it'll fundamentally change the fabric of society. Cory Bernadi says it'll lead to people marrying their pets or even inanimate objects! The disasters they're dreaming up sound terrifying!

Budd St. Artist-run space would like you to imagine the queer apocalypse in all its rainbow glory. Multi-coloured streets lined with public toilets full of filthy perverted transgendered dolphins? Muslim unicorn babies injecting meth in our playgrounds, while their good white straight parents look on in powerless horror? Honest Christian bakers lynched for refusing to submit to the evil gay overlords? I mean what kind of f**ked up Mad-Max-flavoured Armageddon can we expect?

Let your imagination run wild, then create a magical rendition of your worst nightmares/best dreams of a same-sex marriage-filled future.

Participation in this exhibition is FREE. For more details on participation and how to apply please email


Thursday 2 November, 2017
Thursday 9 November, 2017
Budd St. Gallery
Venue Address
29 Budd Street, Collingwood VIC 3066

Melbourne, Melbourne, Collingwood

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Call for Artists
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