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Arquetopia Foundation and International Artist Residency

ArquetopiaSUMMER 2017 Special 3-in-1 International Summer Residency Program June 2017


Session Dates: 6 Weeks, June 5 to July 17, 2017

USD -$370 Fee Reduction option; e-mail us.

Apply NOW through Sunday, May 7, 2017.

Our committee processes all residency applications when they are received vs. after the deadline has passed.

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Arquetopia’s flagship residency program: ArquetopiaSUMMER 2017 will focus on the relationship between individual art practices and the visual history of violence. How is the discourse of violence institutionalized? How is violence affecting art production systems and influencing art markets? How has violence become an important part of the visual history of Mexico? How is the normalization of violence through aesthetic principles critical to understand intention and representation?

This is a prestigious 6-week critical program that offers competitive professional opportunities for local and international emerging and mid-career artists, curators, art historians, and students age 23 and over. This unique program offers critical methodologies to diverse art practices, exploring how violence is constructed through the language of aesthetics. The goal is to provide tools to understand visualities and gestures in art, while identifying institutional trivialization of intention, and representation in visual expression. Through the program, participants will conceptualize their art by engaging their practice in critical discussions. One of the central goals is to contextualize historical and contemporary articulations regarding the language of visual violence. The seminars and tours included in the program will explore the role of aesthetics in the construction of Mexico’s visual history and its categorization in the context of global visual culture. The program will also put into context the role of cultural institutions, such as museums and galleries, in the production of meaning through objects, social relations, and art consumption. Through hands-on workshops in collaboration with the Museum of Art of the Former Convent of Santa Monica, participants will have the opportunity to expand their art practice by exploring the artistic connections between the baroque graphic arts and the Novohispanic mural painting tradition.


Complete Residency Program Inclusions (Accommodation, Studio, etc.) Itemized Here

This program includes 27 seminar hours; 9 hours of individual and collective critiques; guided tours and visits to prominent museums in Puebla, independent galleries, and relevant sites. The program also includes a 27-hour hands-on art workshop instructed by a master conservator, exploring the artistic dimensions of the baroque printmaking tradition and Novohispanic mural art techniques. Activities are designed to promote intense creative work and artistic dialogue; therefore, artists are expected to allocate self-directed studio hours as part of their weekly schedule.

Renowned international art historians, artists, and master restorers facilitate the dialogues, individual and collective critiques, seminars, and workshops. Seminars are conducted in English. Workshop instruction is in Spanish or English. Participants produce work in our partnered studio at one of Mexico’s most important art museums, in Puebla’s majestic central historic district.

ArquetopiaSUMMER 2017 FIVE SPECIAL GUEST SCHOLARS AND INSTRUCTORS: Kirsten Pai Buick, Ph.D. (USA); Siamak Delzendeh (Iran); Annette Rodríguez, Ph.D. (USA); Emmanuel Ortega (USA); Francisco Guevara (Mexico).


Founded in 2009, Arquetopia is an international award-winning, Mexican official nonprofit foundation for visual arts, music, literature, and research, run entirely by artists. Arquetopia is distinguished worldwide for its array of unique residency programs with substantial content. Our residency spaces function exclusively for productive art professionals, writers, and researchers and include structured, informative programs; a network of collaborative workspaces, institutions, and studios; and individualized project support.


Open Calls & Deadlines:

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Sunday 16 April, 2017
Monday 8 May, 2017
Arquetopia Foundation and Int'l Artist Residency
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Avenida 15 Poniente 715, Centro Histórico, Puebla, PUE MEXICO

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