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Glover Prize announces $50,000 prize money from 2018

The Chairman of the John Glover Society, Mr Andrew Heap, announced today that the prize money for Australia’s most prestigious landscape art prize, the Glover Prize, will increase to $50,000 from 2018.
Speaking about the announcement, Mr Heap said that following consultation with the Federal Group, the Principal Partner for the Glover Prize, it has been agreed to increase the prize money for the Glover Prize from $40,000 to $50,000, in line with Wynne Prize.
“The Glover Prize has grown in stature since 2004 when the inaugural winner, Michael McWilliams, received the $20,000 prize. The John Glover Society aligned the prize money to reflect the status of the Archibald, Wynne, and Sulman art prizes in the hope that the Glover Prize would rise to the challenge of being acknowledged as Australia’s most prestigious landscape art prize,” Mr Heap said.
“Over the past 14 years, the John Glover Society has worked tirelessly to present a high-quality art prize that has the respect of artists and the wider arts community. One of the ways we achieved that goal was to grow the number of entries year-on-year and to steadily increase our prize money in line with the Wynne Prize. It is a strategy that has worked well for the Glover Prize; and one we will continue to revisit in the future,” he added.
“It would be presumptuous of the John Glover Society to disrespect our place in Australia’s arts community. We think it is important to be aspirational, however one should always honour and respect that which has earned its place in Australian arts heritage.
“$50,000 along with the honour of winning Australia’s most prestigious landscape art prize, is a strong incentive to attract and encourage quality artists from around the world to paint a new landscape of Tasmania in all its diversity. The winner also receives a bronze Marquette of the colonial artist John Glover (1767–1849) by Peter Corlett, valued at $5,000,”.
“The Glover Prize, has developed a strong relationship with the Federal Group and we are honoured and grateful for its continued involvement with a major Australian arts event that brings so much positive focus to Tasmania and what the state has to offer. From tourism and education, stimulation for the local economy, offering a challenge to landscape artists across the world, and bringing so much joy to the thousands of art lovers who visit the exhibition each year, The Federal Group has been instrumental in the exponentially success of the Glover Prize since 2004,” Mr Heap said.
Federal Group Director, Miss Julia Farrell, said that the company is delighted to continue its long association with such an important Australian art prize.
“As Principal Partner to the Glover Prize, Federal Group has been proud to be part of an event that brings so much positive focus to Tasmania and its artists. The Glover Prize is an outstanding example of a local event that has, in just 14 years, built an outstanding state-wide and national reputation,” Miss Farrell said.
Entries for the 2018 Glover Prize will open at the end of July 2017 and must be lodged by 5pm on Friday January 26, 2018 to be considered for finalist selection. The three independent judges for the 2018 Glover Prize will be announced before the end of July 2017.


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