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Open Call: Learning from Learning at A School of Schools

An open call is extended to all designers, architects, scientists, engineers, chefs, craftspeople, activists and everyone else. Fuelled by a research and process-orientated approach, A School of Schools will manifest in a variety of formats in many locations, in addition to the six-week intensive in Istanbul from 22 September to 4 November 2018.

Divided into a call for ‘schools’ and a call for ‘learners’, the open call is twofold. The format of a school is open for interpretation – from a one hour class or tutorial, to an online network or alternative university; from in situ observation and other methodologies, to critical schools of thought. The learners are anyone who would like to participate in a school, and can demonstrate an openness to discovery and transformation, regardless of design expertise, background or experience. The biennial will endeavour to address matters of financial support and other accessibility issues but encourages resourcefulness.

Both learners and schools are urged to connect their applications to one or more of the themes under scrutiny for the 4th Istanbul Design Biennial. Besides those who demonstrate a capacity and passion for learning, A School of Schools will give preference to proposals that are committed to not only learning but translating the learning into a communicable form.

To submit your application, please visit:   

The deadline for submissions is 15 December 2017.

Call for schools

Individuals, collectives and organisations are invited to express interest, indicate availability and resources, and propose new and old educational models for implementation and exhibition. Educational models should be presented in the format of a ‘school’, whether workshop, laboratory, tutorial, university, online network, camp, field trip or any other format. The proposal should not only include research, methodology, process, and duration of the school  – from one hour to one year – but also its outcome. Schools may be location-specific, travelling or digital; and can either be submitted with a predefined set of participants, such as an existing school with existing students, or open to establishing a group of learners. Schools that subvert or reframe traditional pedagogical theories and binaries such as teacher and student, question and answer, and demonstrate a clear exhibition output will be given preference.

Call for learners

Learners - including people, bots and machines - from all disciplines are invited to apply to participate in the schools and express interest in particular themes. A portfolio of existing work, an expression of passion and capacity to learn, and a skills matrix are required. A School of Schools will curate an exciting cast of learners willing to share as much as they grow, and contribute to the range of perspectives explored.


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Friday 15 December, 2017

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