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Helpmann Academy

The Helpmann Academy SA Power Networks Pottery Residency

Situated in one of the most fascinating and ancient creative centres in China, The Pottery Workshop is a residential retreat offering artists from diverse cultures the opportunity to interact, learn and create. The facility is surrounded by hundreds of small and independent craftsmen and artists with every kind of ceramic skill; clay producers, throwers, sculptors, mould makers, blue and white decorators, overglaze decorators, glaze and colour shops, kiln firing workshops, brush makers, black smiths, box makers and shippers.

While the residency lends itself to ceramicists, the placement is open to visual artists of all disciplines. This residency will be very beneficial for all the participating Helpmann Academy artists – past experience has shown that the boundaries of each artist’s knowledge and practice are broadened during this unforgettable opportunity.

This international placement is open to graduates of the Helpmann Academy’s visual arts partner schools (up to five years out from graduation).

Applications close Friday 2 June 2017 at 5pm

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Monday 21 August, 2017
Sunday 1 October, 2017
The Pottery Workshop
Venue Address
Jingdezhen, China

National, Jingdezhen

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