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Wollongong City Council

Expression of Interest - Ngaraba-aan Trail Artworks

The Ngaraba-aan Trail is a trail route that connects and interprets significant Indigenous and European history and stories from southern Port Kembla Harbour breakwater to the mouth of Lake Illawarra. Five Public Art Projects are to be integrated along the trail. Three of the EOI's- A, B and C are specifically seeking submissions from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island artists.

Council is seeking to commission artists, through an Expression of Interest Quotation process, to develop original designs and fabricate artworks for the Ngaraba-aan Trail. The artworks will be situated in designated areas within the Hill 60 Reserve Landscape Master Plan.

The below Project Schedule details the respective Quotation Numbers for each Public Artwork Project.

  • Quotation No E4934 - Ngaraba-aan Trail Public Art Project - Artwork A - An Expanding Town ($50,000)
  • Quotation No E4935 - Ngaraba-aan Trail Public Art Project - Artwork B - Fishing Methods Coastal Huts ($50,000)
  • Quotation No E4936 - Ngaraba-aan Trail Public Art Project - Artwork C - 5 Islands Creation Story ($75,000)
  • Quotation No E4937 - Ngaraba-aan Trail Public Art Project - Artwork D - The Battle Ground ($75,000)
  • Quotation No E4938 - Ngaraba-aan Trail Public Art Project - Artwork E - Vision for Lake Illawarra's Coast ($50,000)

Quotation documents may be obtained through Council's eTendering portal at

Inquiries in relation to each quotation may be made to Council's Nicola Mackey on Ph 42277814

Quotations must be submitted in accordance with the instructions as set out in the quotation documents by the close of quotations at 10.00am on Tuesday, 20 June 2017.


Tuesday 16 May, 2017
Monday 19 June, 2017
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