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City of Parramatta

Parramatta Lanes 2018 Outdoor Art Installation and Performance Works Applications

Parramatta Lanes is a multi-site festival that seeks to transform utilitarian spaces in the Parramatta CBD by repurposing them into themed outdoor food and entertainment destinations and new spaces for art installations and performance work.

Parramatta Lanes sets out to be an engaging, immersive experience with a high quality food offering at its heart. The City of Parramatta is seeking proposals for art installations and performance works to enhance the event experience and engage audiences within the ‘Lanes’ experience.

Parramatta Lanes was conceived and delivered for the first time in 2012. Four event sites were included in the inaugural event. Since then, the festival has grown into a key event on the Parramatta calendar and in 2017 included 12 event sites and attracted 100,000 visitors.

The 2018 event will continue to present a high quality, engaging and exciting program, enhancing the art installation and performance elements further while developing more interactive elements for the audience experience.  

The event is the recipient of the Local Government Arts and Culture Summit Award 2014 for Public Art and Place Making, the Local Government NSW RH Doherty Award for Innovation in Special Events, and the Australian Event Award for Best Community Event 2015.  

Parramatta Lanes 2018 will run 9th - 12th October 2018, 5pm - 10pm.

Proposals are sought from artists, designers and performers to produce and present site-specific art installations and performance works for the 2018 event.

Solo artists, performers, designers and collectives are encouraged to apply.

City of Parramatta will award commissions for Parramatta Lanes in the following funding categories:

Parramatta Lanes & Parramatta Artists Studios commissions:

Up to 4 commissions from the below categories:

  • Up to $5000
  • $5000 -  $15,000

Waste Art Project:

2 commissions as follows:

  • $5000 - $15,000 – EPA funded grant. Only one grant in this funding category will be awarded. 
  • $15,000 -  $25,000 – EPA funded grant. Only one grant in this funding category will be awarded. 

Parramatta Lanes Street Banner commission:

  • One (1) commission up to $3000 for a Parramatta Lanes artwork to be presented on the City of Parramatta street banners surrounding the festival. 

Application Guidelines and Selection Criteria 

Application guidelines and selection criteria can be downloaded from

All applications are to be submitted through the ‘SmartyGrants’ online platform:

The Application process will require:

  • A description of the concept, materials and installation methods and intended location of your project.
  • A short description of how the work will relate to the Parramatta Lanes event.
  • A budget including artist’s fees, materials, equipment, creation of the work, installation and removal of work, and all other costs associated with the project.
  • Plans and /or sketches of proposed work
  • A resume and examples of previous works (can upload images or add links to video works). 

Further details on the Parramatta Lanes event can be viewed here:

Parramatta Lanes 2017 Event Video

Parramatta Lanes – Facebook

Please contact Beth Fitzpatrick if you have any questions.

Beth Fitzpatrick |Event Producer

City Identity, Experience and Engagement

City of Parramatta PO Box 32, Parramatta NSW 2124 (02) 9806 5696 | 0477 389 010


Tuesday 1 May, 2018
Friday 8 June, 2018
Parramatta CBD
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Parramatta CBD

New South Wales, Parramatta

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