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all that we are

Artist retreat in Tasmania

all that we are is a new space in Tasmania that provides affordable reflective opportunities for artists of all disciplines. Just 25 minutes from Hobart and 35 minutes from MONA the space offers a peaceful creative vibe for reflection and making. We encourage retreats between 5 - 10 days for individuals or groups of up to about 10 people to enjoy the environment of Tasmania while reflecting on their work or creating new concepts. We are most interested in multidisciplinary artists working within a social engagement context. Artists are also able to bring families with them if wanted. Look at the website to see if this is right for you. To find out about us and to see our recent activity visit There is no formal application process and timings are very flexible - just register your interest at Looking for residency placements throughout 2017.


Friday 3 March, 2017
Tuesday 11 April, 2017
all that we are
Venue Address
1450 South Arm Road, Sandford, Tas 7020

Tasmania, Hobart

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