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Turbo Gallery

Exhibition Proposal Callout

Turbo Gallery is looking for enthusiastic artists wanting to be a part of our 2018 exhibition program. Emerging and established artists working in any medium or artistic form are encouraged to apply. Proposal application forms can be found by going to our website and clicking on the “proposals” link. Applications are due in at midnight on 16th February.

Turbo Gallery is situated in a small yet energetic country town called Rainbow. This town is coming alive through the arts and encourages artists to be a part of this exciting transformation. This year in particular is predicted to be a big one, with artistic collaborations between Jarvanese dancers and aboriginals, a kinetic sculptural artist working with the school to construct a community sculpture, a new skate park, a new brewery starting up and the second year of hosting the Enduro Desert Off-road Racing Championship. 

Turbo Gallery is frequented by the local and wider community and also the many tourists who come through the town. With the artistic happenings this year and other large events, this will increase and bring a wide range of exposure for artists exhibiting in the gallery. 

Rainbow also has a studio artists can access at their new Oasis Arts Hub if an artist is keen to stay and work in the area. Accommodation options can be given by contacting the gallery. 

Turbo Gallery is happy to support experimentation, new artistic directions and community engagement.


Sunday 14 January, 2018
Friday 16 February, 2018
Turbo Gallery
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Victoria, Rainbow

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