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Glitzy Sticks and Bomminockers

Devonport Regional Gallery

About the Course

Join Mae Finlayson these school holidays for a hands-on, in gallery, thinking-through-making workshop: Glitzy Sticks and Bomminockers!

Maybe you’ve always wanted your very own good-luck baton, magic wand or pet stick? Over thousands of years, throughout many different cultures, handmade crafts have been used to connect their makers and communities to spirits, dreams, tales, and daily life. It was believed that highly embellished objects and clothing could confuse and ward off evil spirits. So, there you go, protect yourself from scary stuff (or at least from double ended door snakes!).

Mae’s two hour workshop will get you gluing, painting and stitching a personalized one off ‘bomminocker’. Individualized choices of decorative elements will combine to mean something special, to you, the maker. Maybe your mini totem will tell a story, hold a secret or share an idea – but it will most definitely have you thinking about the magic of making.

Wednesday 5 October, 10 am – 12 pm, or
Friday 7 October, 10 am – 12 pm
Devonport Regional Gallery, 45 Stewart Street Devonport
Age: 6 – 13 years
Cost: $15 / $10 Gallery members
Book: 6424 8296 or


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