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To Eat or to Ogle

Tuggeranong Arts Centre’s animal theme continues during April with the Animal Hearts exhibition curated by Narelle Phillips in Gallery 1 and Specimens in Gallery 2. 

In the group exhibition Animal Hearts, 8 artists invite us to consider our interaction with animals from the perspective of the creature. The collection includes photography, sculpture, an installation and mixed media drawings and paintings, with work ranging from figurative to metaphorical, personal to political and improbable to logical. 

The artists, Caroline Ambrus, Dianna Budd, Janet Long, John Gould, Kerry Shepherdson, Rebecca Selleck

Shan Crosbie and Tanya Stollznow, explore prickly subjects such as kangaroo culling, greyhound racing, leather use, cruelty to animals and destruction of habitat. 

Shan Crosbie’s mixed media work Consume me (I-III) explores the relationship between sexual flesh and edible flesh; an idea she became obsessed with while completing her honours thesis Desires of the Flesh

Kerry Shepherdson’s painting Night Sight looks at our fondness for our national icon the Kangaroo along side our growing ambivalence to them. Highlighting overpopulation, it is informed by the necessity for the cull. 

Rebecca Selleck’s sculptural work Skin questions our emotional response to animals. Tackling the ubiquitous use of leather, it holds memory of the animal’s original life and its second life as an extension of the human skin. 

Dianna Budd’s painting Greyhounds also plays on memory. Through contemplative moments of allusion, recollection and association, it plays with the conscious and subconscious where memory and moment co-exist. 

Janet Long’s installation looks at the connection between contemporary behaviour and origin stories. It focuses on our fascination yet disregard for animal habitats and the treatment of animals as a scapegoat for human activity.  

Tanya Stollznow’s photographs denote the idea that every animal has a right to exist in its natural environment. Caroline Ambrus’ work also looks at the animal’s right to life. Ambrus questions the bush capital concept and the increased threat we place on our native wildlife as we push further and further into their habitat. 

In Gallery 1, Taylor Singh investigates scientific research and specimens in contemporary and historical collections. Singh was the recipient of our 2016 Emerging Artist Support Scheme Award, for her graduating work from the Painting workshop, ANU School of Art and Design.

Local author and veterinarian Karen Viggers and former Director Arts ACT and Arts Advocate David Whitney will open both exhibitions at 6pm on Thursday 6 April 2017. The exhibitions continue until Saturday 29th April.


Event starts
Thursday 6 April, 2017
Event Ends
Saturday 29 April, 2017
Tuggeranong Arts Centre
Venue Address
137 Reed St. Greenway

Australian Capital Territory, Canberra

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