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Centre for Contemporary Photography

An unorthodox flow of images

An unorthodox flow of images commences with what is known as the first press photograph in Australia and unfurls through historic, press, portraiture, popular and art photography, some in their intended material form and others as reproductions. An unbroken thread connects this line of still and moving images, each tied to those on either side through visual, conceptual, temporal, material or circumstantial links.

This is a proposition about photography now. Relationships between images are sometimes real, and sometimes promiscuous. Unorthodox brings new contexts to existing artworks whilst celebrating the materiality of real photographs, in real time and critically, honouring the shared democratic experience of the public gallery space.

There will be a field guide to accompany you through this unorthodox flow. If alternative works come to mind, works that might have been included, your suggestions are welcome: #unorthodoxflow.


Symposium: The Transit Lounge of Photography
and Magic Lantern Performance

Presented by Deakin Motion Lab Centre for Creative Arts Research
Saturday 21 October
Bookings required, $10 for non-members, 
$5 for CCP members and students
Magic Lantern Performance
Gold coin donation for performance only

An unorthodox flow: Curators’ floortalk
Saturday 22 October
free event, no bookings required

Codes of practice: Indigenous subjects and Indigenous photographers
Thursday 2 November, 6pm–8pm
Chair: Stephen Gilchrist
speakers to be announced
Free event, rsvp for seating:

'A picture tells a thousand words': but whose?
Thursday 9 November, 6pm–8pm
Free event, rsvp for seating:
An in conversation with CCP Curator, Pippa Milne and Clare Wright, presenter of Radio National's podcast Shooting the Past. Followed by 6 writers, artists, curators and collectors discussing their favourite work from An unorthodox flow of images.


Event starts
Saturday 7 October, 2017
Event Ends
Sunday 12 November, 2017
Centre for Contemporary Photography
Venue Address
404 George Street

Melbourne, Fitzroy

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