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Bailey, Masin and Roberts: Three Palettes

This exhibition combines the rich diversity of themes of three country artists and presents a view not usually expected from the bush.  

‚ÄčThe exhibition goes beyond their home and explores the world, close up and open wide.

Helen represents landscapes both at home and abroad. Her work can include the vast open spaces of the Australian landscape, but recent travels to Italy have given her inspiration to tell stories of the historic centres of Siena, Rome and the Venice region.

Pauline harks back to her youth growing up in the city and paints urban streetscapes, in particular, live music venues around Melbourne. She gives the viewer an insight into those spaces, giving prominence to the current live music scene and the ever-changing urban landscape.

Ken’s eye delves into a world unseen and only imagined. His paintings explore a vivid world of nature focusing on a fantasy of Australian flora. He creates a rich tapestry of exuberant life, sometimes dark and moody.

The combination of works by these three talented emerging country artists gives new meaning to the stereotypical vision of rural landscape artists as they challenge and stretch boundaries. This collection provides something to suit every artistic palate.

Launch: Thursday 7 June, 6pm to 7.30pm

Pauline Bailey
Helen Masin

Ken Roberts


Event starts
Wednesday 30 May, 2018
Event Ends
Friday 29 June, 2018
The Gallery at City Library
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1st floor, 253 Flinders Lane

Melbourne, Melbourne

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