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Darren Tanny Tan, Richard Collins, Clive Stratford

Darren Tanny Tan's Creatures of Habit is a photographic documentation on the morning routine of office workers, whose ubiquity and visual banality is a walking reminder for the artist of how not to live one’s life. This series finds a discordant beauty in the mundane. His powerful images query capitalism’s empty promises of happiness, and reflect on the loss of identity, both for individuals and society. Spectacular.

Richards Collins' fifth show at red gallery is Inside and Out: paintings and drawings. He is showing streetscapes, scenes of beach and bay, bushland and gardens, and interiors. Many of these works are the result of weekly plein air excursions, in company or alone. The exhibition also showcases his love for the respective media used: oil, watercolour, charcoal and ink. He hopes juxtaposing works in these media will enrich the viewer’s experience of the exhibition.

Clive Stratford paints searingly sharp lines between his colour forms with fine sable brushes and pedantry – no artist’s tape allowed. Shapeshifting is a collection of contemporary varnished oil paintings in diamond and oblong shapes, adjacent expressionistic oil studies on cardboard. Non-objective, bright, minimal, sharp then squishy.


Event starts
Thursday 6 April, 2017
Event Ends
Sunday 23 April, 2017
Red Gallery
Venue Address
157 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North

Melbourne, North Fitzroy