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Duality by Bailer

Duality, a series of paintings and sculpture by Bailer, traverses the liminal states of being. The exhibition aims to explore the ever-changing states of the human condition. Through abstraction the viewer is immersed in unlocking their own mutable states of mind and an understanding that nothing ever stays the same, all is fluid, moving.

For Bailer, capturing a likeness of something that already occupies space has never really interested him. Instead, the development of a personal style and the refinement of an enjoyable cathartic process takes precedence. He prefers the process to be apparent in the artwork as for him it is the most important part of his artistic expression.

I have used art (and an array of other activities) as a form of escapism for many years. Graffiti, muralism, sketching, writing, all forms of creativity I have used to escape the hands of time, the act of contemplating my own successes/failures, impending mortality, the inequities of an unjust society. Getting deeply lost in the creative process is like ducking my head below the breakers. The roar of the ocean instantly forgotten in the calm below, surfacing for air briefly only to dive deeper. The noise of self- doubt, expectation and pressure fading into the depths.

– Bailer


Event starts
Tuesday 30 January, 2018
Event Ends
Saturday 10 February, 2018
Venue Address
45 Flinders Lane

Melbourne, Melbourne

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