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Illustrators Australia presents SHOUT exhibition

Shout about it – your style, your art, your life. Be proud and loud.

IA's much loved homage to the Heidelberg School's famous paintings on little wooden cigar boxes returns for the 20th time. Find out more about the history of this exhibition @

With 125 participating artists, with a broad range of styles and subjects, this mammoth show will showcase digital artists for the first time for the first time in the show's history.

Save the date (JULY 13, 6PM) for an opening night of amazing art, prizes and relaxed, IA-style networking with fellow artists, appreciators, buyers and industry reps. 

RSVP @ for a free bev upon arrival and the chance to win the door prize! Stay tuned on FB for all kinds of exclusive content and sneak peaks.

Sponsored by Winsor & NewtonPenguin Random HouseImage Science & The Jacky Winter Group.

Liz Anelli
Mike Angliss
Katherine Appleby
Lynore Avery
Gorge Bajada
Adrienne Barrett
Pilar Basa
Emily Beasy
Danielle Belegris
Emmie Berg
Sarah Berry
Kate Bouman
Jenny Bowman
Matthew Broughton
Leigh Brown
Sarah Campbell
David Capuano
Pip Phillipa Clark
Sheryl Cole
April Collison
Tonia Composto 
Rory Coughlan
Jack Cox
Hilary Cresp
Beth Croce
Tallulah Cunningham
Noah Dau
John Debono-Cullen
Carly Diep
Lily Do
Julie Doye
Levent Efe
Reiko Ellis
Lou Endicott
Sandra Eterovic
Sebastian Fowler
Michelle Frantom
Janie Frith
Tali Gal-on
Marjory Gardner
Luisa Gioffre-Suzuki
Daniela Glassop
Megan Godfrey
Tanielle Gordon
Alice Gordon-Wells
Tanya Gorlin
Amie Green
Tracie Grimwood
Annabelle Hale
Tara Hale
Maxine Hamilton
Sinead Hanley
Sarah Hardy
Sunshine Herbert
Dianne Herft
Bridget Hoadley
Caitlin Hogan
Alexandra Hotchin
Simon Howe
Samantha Hughes
Leah Hume
Andrea Innocent
Alisha Jensen
Christopher Karamihos
Tzeyi Koay
Margaret Krajnc
Sonia Kretschmar
Trent Lambert 
Elena Leong
Sarah Lin
Steve Lo Casto
Sarah Loo
Sarah MacFarlane
Lucie Mammone
Alex Mankiewicz
Daniel Marroquin
Sally Mazak
Andrew McIntosh
Shilo McNamee
Siobhan McVey
Melanie Miles
Rebecca Mills
Richard Morden
Rachel Morley
Rhiannon Mowat
Cathy Muhling
Chris Murray
Sam Power Nelson
Julia Novella
Simon O'Carrigan
Dominique OLeary
Aura Parker
Jimmy Patch
Maria Pena
Connie Pennisi
Lara Porter
Jody Pratt
Jess Racklyeft
Eleanor Ratcliffe
Anita Ristovski
Juan Rodriguez Cuberes
Rochelle Rudduck
Lucy Shi
Katherine Smith
Anthea Stead
Simon Swingler
Binny Talib
Lauren Temos
Alexandra Teuben
Cassie Thomson
Renee Treml
Fiona Tsang
Tricia Van Der-Kuyp
Wilani van Wyk-Smit
Mitch Vane
Lisa Vertudaches
Dani Vittz
Rahme Von Erkel-Bromley
Marsha Wajer
Nadia Waters
Judy Watson
Amanda Wells
Annie White
Rosina Yuan
Georgie Zuzek


Event starts
Friday 13 July, 2018
Event Ends
Friday 27 July, 2018
Collingwood Gallery
Venue Address
292 Smith Street

Melbourne, Melbourne

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