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The 225th Anniversary of the Malaspina’s Expedition to Australia

On 30 July 1789, Alejandro Malaspina and José de Bustamante y Guerra set sail from the Port of Cádiz and embarked on one of the most important adventures produced by the Spanish Enlightenment. This exhibition celebrates the 225th anniversary of this expedition.  

Upon their return in September 1794, neither of them were aware of the real magnitude of their enterprise and the contribution that it would make not only to the Spanish Crown, but also to world science.

King Carlos III authorised Malaspina’s expedition, a mission aimed not only at designing a new vision of the political and economic order of the Americas, but also to carry out studies in natural history, cartography, ethnography, astronomy, hydrography and medicine.

Descubierta and Atrevida were the Corvettes with which Malaspina and Bustamante began their great voyage; approximately 200 men, naval officers, sailors, scientists and draftsmen navigated over five years from Spain to the Americas and from there to China, Philippines, Australia, and again to South America from where they returned to Spain, thereby finalising the most important maritime exploration of the Spanish XVIII century.

Launch: Thursday 14 June, 6pm


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Wednesday 13 June, 2018
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Thursday 12 July, 2018
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