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The Gallery at City Library

Who remembers this house?

'Who remembers this house?' is a series of portraits of mid-century houses found in the south eastern suburb of Caulfield, an area imbued with memories for artist Karen Salter.

​As a child Karen admired these houses with their strong sense of design and theatricality. These houses were, and still are, the epitome of sophistication with their bold, simple forms and decorative yet understated details.

Designed and built predominantly in the 1960s by European émigré architects for Jewish clients, these houses represent success over the adversary faced by these refugees. Hard work and freedom from European anti-semitism enabled the establishment of these havens in suburban Melbourne.

The works in this show portray these houses as the heroes, standing alone without the distraction of surrounding foliage or clouds. The perspective is exaggerated thrusting the houses into the spotlight. 1960s postcards have inspired the format of the pieces as well as informing the composition and colours used. The sky is always blue in these paintings, bright and sunny… unless it is glittery orange, suggesting a glamorous dreamscape.

This body of work celebrates the designs created by the architects responsible for these houses as well as evoking a yearning for the optimism of past era.

Launch: Thursday 7 September, 6pm.

Image: Lived In and Loved, 2017, oil on linen. Credit: Alex Reiners.



Event starts
Tuesday 5 September, 2017
Event Ends
Saturday 30 September, 2017
Gallery at City Library
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1st floor, 253 Flinders Lane

Melbourne, Melbourne

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