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LOOP Project Space & Bar

Reject Cinema

Bringing the best & worst cult, forgotten and just plain crazy movies.

If It’s Shit, It’s A Hit!!!

Reject Cinema is proud to announce our new home at Loop Project Space & Bar

The venue might of changed but the shit we play will still meet our high standards of low quality cinema.

This is just a teaser of a full trailer coming up (If Hollywood can do it so can we *Maniacal Laughter*). So watch this space and our facebook for more info. Also massive thanks to Laser Highway for convincing us to get off our ass.

21/06/17 #WednesdaysAreAboutToGetShit 


Event starts
Wednesday 21 June, 2017
Event Ends
Wednesday 21 June, 2017
Loop Project Space & Bar
Venue Address
23 Meyers Place

Melbourne, Melbourne

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