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Connie Anthes: A Little Too Familiar

Sydney-based interdisciplinary artist, Connie Anthes’ exhibition, A Little Too Familiar will open at the recently launched artist run gallery and residency, Good | Grief (106 -108 Henderson Rd, Alexandria) from Friday 28 April – Sunday 30 April 2017

The site responsive exhibition bears the fruits of a month-long residency, exploring ideas associated with getting familiar (perhaps too familiar) with a space or place, learning it like the back of your hand. Anthes will showcase a series of site-specific works, each particular to the peculiarities of the gallery space.  

Anthes describes her residency at Good | Grief as: “partly making in the space, partly a kind of care taking of the space. My work is a gift to the space, some of the works will leave a residue that can only be erased over time.” 

The exhibition comprises a series of interventions such as tethering a sapling to the building and re-projecting a view through a tiny peephole she found in the floor of the gallery. 

Other works include a woven paper sheet reconstructed from shredded administrative documents; a single, meticulously restored green lino floor tile; and a series of ‘Good Grief’ anagrams painted onto the entrance door below the original signage in matching font. 

Good | Grief is an artist run gallery and residency in a preserved three-room factory office founded in February 2017 by Will French, a Sydney-based artist and curator. Envisaged as a 12 month project with rotating monthly residencies/exhibitions, French was motivated to open the space in response to several factors, principally a desire to inject a little goodwill into the arts landscape in Sydney.  Good | Grief is also French’s personal response to the recent arts defunding, closures and destabilisation. 

French comments: “Good | Grief is a celebration of all the good that comes of art and also the inevitable grief it causes us to make it, show it and survive, despite it. A perfect dichotomy.” 

Good Grief’s exhibition model is unique in its orientation towards the needs of the artist, over the audience. It flips the typical two-day install, three-week show model into a four-week gallery residency, with an opening and two day show. 

“I hope the shows reflect the value of time in situ making, rather than minding”, French says.


Event starts
Friday 28 April, 2017
Event Ends
Sunday 30 April, 2017
Good | Grief
Venue Address
106 -108 Henderson Rd, Alexandria

New South Wales, Sydney