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David Fairbairn & Aleph Geddis

David Fairbairn Drawn to Print

Line is the foundation of David Fairbairn's art: from a density of line work, form emerges. In this exhibition of large scale portraiture, Fairbairn works with etching, extending his previous exploration of drawing by working directly on the copper plate. Through his experimentation with the etched line, which is then corroded and transformed by the printing process, the face and personality of each subject is revealed. Working with sitters for months, and even years, Fairbairn's exhibition is both a culmination of intense artistic investigation and a psychological journey.  

Aleph Geddis hard/soft 2018

The sculptural works of Aleph Geddis live at the intersection of traditional methods and modernist forms. Growing up on Orcas Island in the Pacific Northwest, Aleph spent many hours with his stepfather, a sculptor, carver and builder of wooden boats. Steeped in this rich environment, his work draws inspiration from the stylized naturalism of First Nations carvings. While there remains a consistent engagement with the simple elegance of natural forms, his recent works explores the essence of the Platonic solids. 


Event starts
Friday 13 July, 2018
Event Ends
Saturday 1 September, 2018
Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery
Venue Address
Cnr Coff & Duke Streets, Coffs Harbour

New South Wales, Coffs Harbour

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