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Draw the Light by Amy Dynan

Draw the Light is an exhibition of drawings that contemplate the brevity and beauty of everyday life. In this series, artist Amy Dynan has created drawings which abstract everyday subjects, symbols and still life objects. Amy explores the symbolism of objects and images to represent the full spectrum of life—birth/death, loss/remembrance, pleasure/pain, eternity and becoming.

The still life, one of the most enduring forms in western art, is a genre that historically takes the everyday object and imbues it with symbolic and allegorical themes. It speaks to the transience and beauty of life. Flowers and fruit are two such signifiers that take centre stage in this exhibition. Dynan brings the still life into the contemporary through a sumptuous feast of imagery, merging abstract sensibilities with photorealism— her work is a celebration of everyday majesty.


Event starts
Tuesday 12 September, 2017
Event Ends
Sunday 17 September, 2017
Bondi Pavilion Gallery
Venue Address
Queen Elizabeth Drive, Bondi Beach

New South Wales, Sydney