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Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre

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Vu Quang Canh is Vietnamese refugee who came to Australia in 1978. Settling in Western Sydney, Vu obtained employment in the growing manufacturing industry almost immediately. This was also the year that he started taking photographs, when he purchased his first SLR camera. Working in a factory during the day, Vu pursued his passion for photography during the evening, studying 2 hours each fortnight at Liverpool Technical College. He learned how to develop and print black and white film and went on to establish his own dark room to further his practice.

In the early 80’s Vu began to frequent the Fairfield community Arts Centre and as a result his work began to circulate. His work was first exhibited in the group exhibition, Silence I am Dreaming… Amplified Impressions as part of Fairfield Council’s Carnivaléin 1985. Vu has since gone on to exhibit his work at the Australian Museum and the Migrant Museum in Adelaide.

Vu retired in 2014 and in addition to continuing his passion for photography he became a regular practioner at the Ceramic Studio as well as a familiar face at Casula Powerhouse.

This extensive and ongoing project commenced in June 2016. Its documents the rich architectural heritage of Casula Powerhouse in contrast with buildings present role (celebrating 24 years in 2018) as an arts centre dedicated to celebrating the creative and cultural diversity of its local community and Western Sydney. All of the work on display for L I G H T INDUSTRY involves medium and large format film stock, hand printed on sliver gelatin paper by the artist.

Exhibition Launch: 28 January 2018, 12pm


Event starts
Saturday 27 January, 2018
Event Ends
Sunday 11 February, 2018
Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre
Venue Address
1 Powerhouse Rd

New South Wales, Casula

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