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Renata Buziak

Medicinal Plant Cycles by Renata Buziak

The work in this exhibition, Medicinal Plant Cycles, draws on natural science and extensive consultations and discussions with members of the Quandamooka community of Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island), and presents images of flora significant to the Quandamooka Peoples. Flora that was, and in some instances still is, used on Minjerribah. The images include edible coastal plants like Sesuvium portulacastrum and Carpobrotus glaucescens that were used for marine stings and insect bites, as well as tea trees used as insect repellent, antiseptic and for treating various health conditions.

These images are created by fusion of organic and photographic materials in a process of decomposition that I name the biochrome. They are generated by arranging plant samples on photographic emulsions and allowing them to transform through the bacterial micro-organic activities that are part of cyclic decay and regeneration.

Through this exhibition, I hope to reveal a beauty in decomposition and raise notions of transformative cycles. This focus on Minjerribah medicinal plants aims to promote the recognition, appreciation, and value of local medicinal plants in the context of Aboriginal knowledge and natural science.


Event starts
Thursday 16 March, 2017
Event Ends
Monday 27 March, 2017
gaffa gallery
Venue Address
281 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD, NSW

New South Wales, Sydney

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