Tabula Rasa: Food Play

Artists Rita Bila and Karynne Ledger are wiping the exhibition slate clean to bring their personal take on food to the table. Their sculptures and installations reframe our use of food and raise awareness of our preconceptions around it.

By literally playing with their food, Rita and Karynne reinterpret the experience around what we eat and how food connects us to everyday life, our memories, the conscious and subconscious and to wider issues. They use food as a signifier and as a material to challenge expectations and focus on personal memory, traditions, renewability and care.

The installations and sculptures make use of electronics, organic and edible material. Karynne’s electronic table setting raises awareness about the food we eat and creates a feeling of inclusiveness and alienation. 

Rita explores temporal, yet durable organic sculptural forms made of gluten and works with the idea of personal and environmental damage and presence. Her sculptures are edible and fragile and her process of making is comparative to the preparation of food: repetitive motion, concentration and attentiveness. Rita’s artistic process connects her with personal stories and her objects embody the act of re-remembering. 

The Artists:

Karynne is a trained chef and artist and has many years of experience in both practices. Mostly a ‘mark-maker,’ Karynne trained as a printmaker and now concentrates on illustration and graphical work. She completed her master’s degree in culture and gastronomy in Italy, and interned with food designers Arabeschi di Latte in Florence.  Karynne returned to Australia to lead Slow Food Sydney and her creative adventures have since explored how food, social commentary, and art go together.

Rita trained at UNSW COFA as a painter and has worked in the arts and culture sector. She has worked as a sculptor’s assistant, managed a gallery and worked extensively as an educator. Rita has promoted the work of Australian designers and artists through design festivals, education programs and online publishing. She has continued her creative endeavours during this time and now returns to exhibiting her own work.


Event starts
Thursday 5 July, 2018
Event Ends
Sunday 15 July, 2018
220 Creative Space
Venue Address
Level 1, 220 William St, Woolloomooloo

New South Wales, Sydney

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