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Interlude Gallery

The Goat of Luxury • Brooke Sanderson • Interlude Gallery

You are invited to the opening ceremony of ‘The Goat of Luxury’, a solo show by Sydney based artist Brooke Sanderson. 

Opening Night: Thursday 10 Aug 6-8pm
Closing Feast: Saturday 19 Aug 3-5pm

Working with appropriation, Brooke borrows and alters images and stylistic conventions from historical narratives. This redevelopment of images and ideas creates an open interpretation to her paintings. It allows a dialogue to exist between past and present, where the viewer can reflect on how relevant these stories still are in our contemporary culture.

‘My ongoing investigation has been exploring major historical narratives and the repercussions in contemporary artistic production.

My works depict situations that suggest they are part of a larger intuited narrative that is yet to unfold. Fine art has been used in a pedagogical sense to describe and transmit historical, economical, aesthetical, moral and social values; it was the “educator” of the people, the creator of big narratives. The use of this visual imagery to engage the viewer is still critical amongst contemporary culture.

In the lead up to the 20th century we see a greater breadth of technical and stylistic approaches to painting. My paintings become crude appropriations through employing various stylistic conventions. Fauvism, abstract expressionism and pop art are influences in my work. The use of high key colour and crude application creates a humorous approach to often melancholic or unpropitious scenarios.

My appropriation is an attempt to renegotiate a space in which historical and contemporary attitudes towards painting meet. The works consider how these attitudes and aesthetic shifts have impacted approaches to painting and how we can relate the past with the present through story.’

- Brooke Sanderson

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Event starts
Thursday 10 August, 2017
Event Ends
Saturday 19 August, 2017
Interlude Gallery
Venue Address
11/131-145 Glebe Point Rd., Glebe

New South Wales, Sydney

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