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In Conversation – Craig Judd and Nigel Milson on Artist Angelica Mesiti

On the eve of its last weekend at The Lock-Up, please join us for a special viewing of Angelica Mesiti's Relay League followed by an ‘In Conversation’ about the artist’s work with highly regarded writer and art critic Craig Judd and artist Nigel Milsom.

One of Australia’s most outstanding contemporary artists, Mesiti’s visually seductive video works explore transition, culture, communication and displacement. The event will explore the trajectory of Mesiti’s artistic career and give insight into the artist and the ideas that inform her practice. Judd and Milsom bring a unique perspective to the conversation, both having a long personal association with the artist; from her early days as an art student at COFA, through her time with the collaborative group The Kingpins, to Judd recently writing about Relay League for Artlink magazine.

Mesiti’s work is about to gain further national attention with an exhibition of her recent works just opening at the National Gallery of Australia.


Craig Judd is a highly-respected curator, artist, cultural commentator and educator. In the last two years Craig has written texts on the recent work of Angelica Mesiti, the Imperial Slacks Collective, the work of Lisa Garland, Meg Walch and Nancy Mauro- Flude as well writing reviews of exhibitions extensively throughout Australia.

A witty passionate speaker whose lectures and conversations entertain and sometimes galvanise audiences, Judd draws upon over twenty years teaching cultural practice, art history and theory, at ANU, Art & Design UNSW and Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University. Judd is currently Consultant Curator for Detached Cultural Organisation, a private art foundation in Hobart.


Award winning artist Nigel MIlsom completed a Bachelor of Visual Art and the University of Newcastle in 1998, then post-graduate studies at Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University, gaining a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honors) in 1999, followed by a Master of Fine Art in 2002 at UNSW. His work features in multiple collections in Australia and overseas, notably the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Milsom won the Fisher’s Ghost Open Painting Prize in 2008 and was a finalist in 2010 and the 2012 Archibald Prize. In 2013 he won the Doug Moran Prize and in 2015 was awarded the Archibald Prize for his portrait of Barrister Charles Waterstreet.


Event starts
Friday 15 September, 2017
Event Ends
Friday 15 September, 2017
The Lock-Up
Venue Address
90 Hunter St.

New South Wales, Newcastle

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