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Willoughby City Council

Algorithmic Pareidolia

Image credits: Wade Marynowsky, Algorithmic Pareidolia, stills from high definition videos, 2017

A Council curated solo exhibition by Wade Marynowsky. Algorithmic Pareidolia is a series of new experimental video, installation and robotic artworks that explore how our reality is increasingly simulated.

Pareidolia, is the psychological phenomena of seeing or experiencing things of seeing or experiencing things, which do not really exist, for example seeing a face in the moon. Closely linked is to this concept is Anthropomorphism: attributing human characteristic or behaviours to non-human agents, for example robots.

For the exhibition Marynowsky will launch his latest robotic work; Synth-Bot, which investigates how humans perceive notions of robotic performance and robotic agency via a robotic arm that creates music, by playing a synthesiser.

Artist, Wade Marynowsky in conversation with the curator  Saturday 16 September, 3pm – 4pm

Bookings and Enquires: Kathie Najar on 0401 638 501 or email

This exhibition is part of the Willoughby Visual Arts Biennial (6-24 September)

Contact: Kathie Najar on 0401 638 501 or email

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Event starts
Wednesday 6 September, 2017
Event Ends
Sunday 1 October, 2017
Incinerator Art Space
Venue Address
2 Small Street, Willoughby

Sydney, Willoughby

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