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Closing Feast • Absolute Kippleization • Rachel Honnery

Interlude Gallery is pleased to invite you to the closing feast of 'Absolute Kippleization' by Rachel Honnery. The solo exhibition explores notions of the human and the machine and provides a bleak warning against the pressures of kipple on our natural world. Inspired by P.K. Dick’s 1968 post-apocalyptic novel, this exhibition brings together science and art. Honnery uses the tangability of discarded hard plastics to remind us of the effects that these now useless objects are having on our marine environments. As P.K. Dick warned us ‘when nobody is around, kipple reproduces itself (…) It gets more and more.’

Closing feast: Saturday 17th Feb 3-5pm

“No one can win against kipple, except temporarily and maybe in one spot (…) But eventually I’ll die or go away, and then the kipple will again take over (…) The entire universe is moving toward a final state of total, absolute kippleization.”
- P. K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, 1968.

‘Absolute kippleization fuses both science and art, in order to give a voice to our marine life. It combines scientific
investigation, method and data, with visual analysis and interpretation. The work allows me to think like a scientist
through collecting evidence, repeating processes, classifying specimens and inputting data. Absolute kippleization
requires scientific processes and data results for it to literally take shape and form.

Approximately every fortnight for 12 months I collected, documented, cleaned and categorised hard plastic,
including straws, bottles, lids, toys, cigarette lighters and cotton buds, forming over 19 cluster samples. Including
prints of the cluster samples taken at Congwong Beach, in excess of 200 specimen jars containing sorted plastic
found at the Beach and graphs that abstractly document and analyse volume, absolute kippleization reminds us of
vast and overwhelming challenges that we face in the age of the Anthropocene.’

- Rachel Honnery


Event starts
Saturday 17 February, 2018
Event Ends
Saturday 17 February, 2018
Interlude Gallery
Venue Address
Shop 11 131-145 Glebe Point Rd

Sydney, Glebe