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Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop

Adam Nudelman – Resident Artist

Both the Streeton family and QG&W felt it was of most importance that Streeton Prints was realised for the public. Additionally, QG&W takes this unique opportunity to inform the general public on the ‘influence’ and ‘inspiration’ Sir Arthur Streeton has left behind over the past century.

To demonstrate this, QG&W will host nine artists who will work in the gallery during the exhibition. The artists’ methods, their approach and specific ways in which Sir Arthur Streeton has impacted their signature style will form the secondary purpose for the Streeton Prints exhibition.

Adam’s Statement

“Arthur Streeton looms large in the psyche of Australians far beyond the walls of our art galleries.

Streeton’s landscapes were rendered to show the vast expanse of this country. He was an artist that loaded the picture with subliminal and direct messages of what it was to be part of building a nation.

My work references man in the landscape- not through the direct imaging of the human form, but rather through the detritus of occupation. I love the Australian landscape but like Streeton recognise the debt landscape painting owes to the traditions of European painting. Ideas immigration and assimilation and grandeur are juxtaposed with a melancholic isolation that one can feel in this tough yet inspiring place.”


Event starts
Wednesday 22 March, 2017
Event Ends
Monday 27 March, 2017
Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop
Venue Address
81 Hesse Street Queenscliff

Victoria, Geelong

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