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Cambridge studio gallery

Precis by William Holt

A concise summary of the essentials…

William Holt is consumed in every line, texture and nuance sweeping across the canvas.  He applies his whole physical being into the act of creation. Part of his challenge is to bring the shape of a painting to life. He has a close connection with the materials as he works outside where sun, wind and influences of nature all play a part.

This collection of new paintings expresses the essential joy and pleasure of the paint that Holt has in each creation.  Almost sculptural, very immediate and authentic are key descriptions of William Holt’s abstracted landscapes.  The subject almost unimportant, just an inspirational starting point, the process of painting the driving force for each work.

Holt recycles everything from paints to his own paintings to enhance the maximum sculptural energy, whilst remaining confined within the paintings boundaries of a mostly two-dimensional realm. The result is a distinctive style of painting that hovers between the abstract plane and the visual tension of the natural world. The material, physical and tactile nature of the canvas is a spontaneous reaction to the act of painting, the dynamic paint application is as if in a whirlwind of pure life-force and vitality.

William Holt has a Master of Fine Art in Painting from Monash University Melbourne and has a broad range of experience in Painting, Sculpture, Installation Art. He has exhibited extensively and has a long list of collectors around Australia and internationally.

Art is more than an image is a presence; according to William Holt; it has to have a physical side – a "body” to the art work

Opening: Sunday 20 May, 2 to 4pm


Event starts
Wednesday 16 May, 2018
Event Ends
Sunday 3 June, 2018
Cambridge studio gallery
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52 Cambridge Street, Collingwood

Victoria, Melbourne

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