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Sancintya Mohini Simpson: Bloodlines

From generation to generation, we celebrate a long lineage of culture and tradition. However, often given less significance are the memories of trauma that might accompany these bloodlines.

Bloodlines intertwines a variety of art mediums to address the untold stories of women taken from South India to South Africa as indentured labour in the late 1800s. Giving a voice to harrowing experiences which are widely unknown, the exhibition at Brunswick’s Blak Dot Gallery presents audiences with a series of narrative paintings, accompanied by sounds, video and prose.

Tricked onto vessels, and often raped and abused on board before being mistreated on the sugar cane plantations they were sent to, these women have buried their stories beneath years of shame, intergenerational trauma, and loss of culture.

Simpson takes inspiration from her own matrilineal heritage and combines it with historical information to give these stories a rightful place in history.

Bloodlines has been commissioned and developed through Next Wave’s flagship learning program, Kickstart Helix.

About Sancintya Mohini Simpson

Sancintya Mohini Simpson is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice examines the complexities of racial and migratory experiences within Australia.

Through painting, photography, video, performance, writing and sound she creates conversations, and intertwines mediums to tell stories, critique contemporary Australian culture, and colonisations’ problematic histories.

Her upcoming shows include group exhibition Disobedient Daughters, (Metro Arts, Brisbane, 2018) and solo exhibition Bloodlines, (Metro Arts, Brisbane, 2018). Simpson has a Bachelor of Photography with Honours, Queensland College of Art (2014).

Her past exhibitions have included AUSASIA (Metro Arts, Brisbane, 2016), ALONE TOGETHER (Boxcopy, Brisbane, 2016), and The Narrative of Location (Seventh Gallery, Melbourne, 2016).


Event starts
Thursday 3 May, 2018
Event Ends
Sunday 20 May, 2018
Blak Dot Gallery
Venue Address
33 Saxon St, Brunswick

Victoria, Melbourne