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Tied, bound and transformed at Nth.

Nth. is excited to present Julia Boros' new body of textile-based sculptures, Vinculum.

With reference to the anatomical definition of the show’s title (i.e., to join, to bond, to connect, to attach, to tie, to bind), Boros stitches together multiple strands of thought and experience.

Analogising the body’s internal and external structures with repurposed pieces of garment patterns, these actions (of vinculum) are responsible for the works’ sculptural constructions. Suturing and piercing by pins alludes to the process of connecting sections of two-dimensional cloth to make a three-dimensional garment. The mismatched clothing templates have undergone an anatomical reinvention.

Biomorphic formations sit proud of the wall, casting shadows, resembling wall trophies. They are mementos from the combined labour of mother and daughter, and pay tribute to manual skill. 

With only individual hand-written notations made by the dressmaker remaining, instructions and identifications belonging to multiple items are muddled. The language of traditional sewing has been reduced to a puzzle missing its parts, of fragments that are re-joined.

“These works speak to the process of transformation – physical and emotional. They are remnants of change, a metaphorical shedding of skin, a refurbishment of the mind and body,” says Boros.

Opening 6-8pm Saturday 17 June

then, by appointment until 24/6/17


Event starts
Saturday 17 June, 2017
Event Ends
Saturday 24 June, 2017
Venue Address
111 Holden St., North Fitzroy

Victoria, Melbourne

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