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Bunbury Regional Art Galleries

Noongar Country 2017: Six Seasons

Noongar Boodja (Noongar Country) is the South West corner of WA, covering an area from the South of Geraldton diagonally across to Esperance and originally containing between 12 and 15 different language groups.    

Noongar people have lived continuously on this land for at least 45 000 years and BRAG’s annual Noongar Country exhibition celebrates this continuing connection by showcasing the enormous range of artworks produced by contemporary Noongar artists.

The exhibition features works by artists at all stages of their career, from emerging to established practitioners, from traditional to contemporary styles and everything in between, offering audiences a glimpse into the richness of Noongar Culture today through the visual arts.  Artworks across all mediums are represented including painting, printmaking, drawing and sculpture.

Noongar Country 2017 responds to the theme of Six Seasons, the natural climate which has shaped Noongar lifestyle for countless generations.  These seasons are determined by the weather patterns on Noongar Country, rather than by a particular date and demonstrate a strong connection to the natural cycles of the land. 

These cycles represent a balance between Noongar people and the natural environment, traditionally they shaped hunting and gathering practices to ensure nature was given the chance to thrive.  In contemporary culture, these seasons represent the incredible body of knowledge accumulated by Noongar people and a connection to country which has remained unbroken for thousands of years despite European colonisation of Noongar lands.


Event starts
Saturday 1 July, 2017
Event Ends
Sunday 3 September, 2017
Bunbury Regional Art Galleries
Venue Address
64 Wittenoom Street Bunbury

Western Australia, Bunbury

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