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Kingston City Council Public Art Opportunity in Mentone

Kingston City Council has commenced construction of a public piazza in the historic Triangle Site in Mentone as part of the Mentone Renaissance Project. The piazza is designed to improve the public amenities and create a gathering space for residents, visitors and local traders in the area. The total cost of the project, which also includes streetscape improvements in Mentone Parade, is estimated at $3.4 million.

The project is the focal point of the Mentone Renaissance Project following a series of road network improvements to create a safe and more pedestrian-friendly environment that supports a vibrant activity centre and its community.
Urban Initiatives have designed the Mentone Community Piazza. Kingston Council has appointed CDN Contractors to build this exciting new open space with works commencing on Monday 12 November 2018 and scheduled for
completion in mid-2019.

Kingston City Council invites suitably qualified artists to submit Expressions of Interest for the development of a permanent public artwork to be located within the new Community Piazza in Mentone. This project aims to create a permanent artwork that is reflective of, and valued by, both residents of Mentone and the community across Kingston.
Kingston City Council values the important role of public art in connecting and inspiring the community and enriching the daily life of its residents and visitors. We welcome artists to respond to this brief by putting forward innovative ideas for
original work at the proposed site.

The principal objective of this Commission is to design, fabricate and install an original, site-specific, permanent public artwork at the new Community Piazza, located on the historic Triangle Site between Mentone and Como Parade in Mentone.

The successful design will be selected by the Council’s Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee (ACAC).space. The artwork might include, but is not limited to, sculpture, landscaping, paving detail, furniture or objects. The artwork should enhance the local environment and create an opportunity for public users to encounter and engage with art in an ordinary, daily
The artwork should offer an exciting, intelligent and expressive response to the site’s surrounds and social context, and reflect the values and aspirations of the community. In order to achieve this, it is expected that the artist’s design will be created in consultation with the community and traditional landowners to assist in meeting the Commission Objectives.

The artist must achieve the Commission Objectives set down below:
1. Produce a permanent artwork
2. Artwork needs to be constructed of robust materials suitable for a public area where some degree of vandalism can be expected.
3. Enliven and enhance the public space and facility in which it will be placed
4. Create a strong sense of identity, pride and ownership of the public space
5. Encourage community engagement with the public space
6. Reflect the rich history, cultures, stories and diversity of Mentone
7. Increase the understanding and enjoyment of contemporary art by the community.

The working budget for the project is $59,750 inc. GST.
This is a two-stage commission process. From the initial Expressions of Interest, up to three artists will be short-listed. The shortlisted artists will be paid a commission fee of $1750 plus GST to attend one community consultation meeting and for the development of their final concept design, to be presented to Council’s Arts and Cultural Advisory Committee for selection.
The commission fee available for the successful project will be $59,750. This amount will cover all costs associated with the artwork’s implementation, including possible further community workshops, materials, labour, fabrication, installation, artist’s fee, transportation, insurance, etc.

Expressions of interest close January 11 2019. Visit our website for further details

Enquiries should be directed to:
Victoria O’Shea
Arts & Cultural Development Project Officer
P: 9556 4447


Wednesday 5 December, 2018
Friday 11 January, 2019
Mentone Community Piazza
Venue Address
Triangle Site, Mentone

Melbourne, Mentone

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