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Maroondah City Council is calling for artists to submit photographic or digital artworks with the theme ‘Anthropocene’ for display on signal boxes in the Ringwood arts precinct. As part of a broader visual arts program, to raise awareness about the environment, sustainability and climate change, this project will link in with the 2019 R & M McGivern Prize and a series of public walking tours.

Anthropocene is a concept proposed by scientists to describe the current era, and directly translates to 'anthro' (human) and 'cene' (recent). It proposes that changes occurring within the environment may be a direct and permanent result of human behaviour. We encourage artists to consider all facets of human impact on the planet: environmental degradation; regeneration; sustainability; colonisation; industrialisation; geology and ecology.

Maroondah City Council welcomes a diverse range of perspectives. First Nations and Torres Strait Islander artists are strongly encouraged to apply.

Photographic and/or digital proposals are invited from artists for an artwork to be printed as a vinyl wrap adhered to signal boxes and to be installed in early November 2019. Artists are invited to choose, in preference order, from 6 signal box located in Ringwood. All printing and installation will be managed and paid for by Maroondah City Council and Urban Smart Projects.

This is an ideal opportunity for artists seeking to gain experience in the public art sector and the works will be promoted on a map and series of walking tours, both on the website and social media. Preference will be given to works that are site-specific and relate to the designated theme.

Key dates

Monday 30th September  Applications due

Monday 7th October  Artists notified 

Mid October  Artists to work with project officer on development of final image

Early November                                                Installation

Application Requirements

  • Digital file (no larger than 1mg) that serves as an indicative image, working with attached Template (submitted as tiff or jpg). The final banner image will need to fit the following approximate specifications: 1270 x 2300cm (h x w) @300 dpi. The final dimensions will be advised once the signal boxes have been allocated to each artist as there is slight variation to each box.
  • Artist CV (1 page)
  • Artist statement responding to the theme (150 words)

Next Steps

Request application form, site list and template (see details below)

Artists are required to select in order of preference which signal box they want work with (please refer to application form).

Selected artists will be required to work with Maroondah City Council and the Project Officer to approve final image. Please be aware that there are small structural variants between the signal boxes.

Please allow for a small section in bottom right of each image that will list artist’s name, title, date and artist’s website (optional).

Artists are encouraged to visit the sites prior to the development of the proposal.

We request that artists consider the proposal from the vantage point of pedestrians rather than vehicle traffic.

Selected artists will be paid a fee of $500 for the project.

The final works will be managed and installed by Urban Smart Projects.

For queries, please contact Project Officer, Jane O’Neill at: or telephone 0412169391.

Artists are requested to be aware of the following items designated by Vic Roads:

The artwork shall be designed in such a way that it will not confuse, distract, mislead or dazzle drivers due to colouring, illumination or reflectivity.

The artwork shall not have an image or an element of an image which replicate or imitates traffic control devices (eg. Red, green or yellow lighting, red circles or octagons, crosses, triangles, green arrows etc).


Tuesday 3 September, 2019
Monday 30 September, 2019
Various locations,
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