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Public Art + Tourism = SUCCESS

Is your public art being used to enhance visitor appeal and bolster community pride?

The Australian Street Art Awards recognise localities, precincts and artists that are using outdoor, publicly-accessible art to promote their destination and engage their community. 

Make sure regions showcasing amazing works of art grab this opportunity to showcase the artwork to help the artists gain the public recognition they deserve. Get your outdoor art noticed!

See last years winners.

What is Street Art in the context of these Awards?

  • These awards focus on OUTDOOR ART that is sanctioned (legal) art and publicly visible from or in a street, laneway, park or other public or publicly-accessible space.
  • Eligible works include wall and utility murals, permanent audio-visual and lighting installations, commissioned graffiti, pavement art, sculpture collections, single sculptures, street installations, monuments and memorials.
  • Temporary and mobile art, including chalk walks and movable sculptures, can be entered in the Festival and Event or Trail categories. All other entries must be of a permanent nature.
  • The entry must be an original artwork specifically created for the site where it is located.
  • Artworks DO NOT NEED TO BE NEW - the artwork/s could have been created anytime in the past. Their age is not important. What's important is how they are being used to attract visitors and bring your community together NOW!

These Awards rest on an excellence framework, and the criteria reflects the excellence awards foundation, with specific questions just for 2020 to ensure the Awards are fair to all organisations across Australia, no matter where you are located or how COVID-19 has impacted you.

    Judges want to know how the public art is being used to enhance visitor appeal and bolster community pride.

    Why? Because the Australian Street Art Awards are designed to educate travellers about the magnificent array of outdoor art that can be found in every corner of Australia, and encourage them to see Australia. This in turn helps raise the profile of artists to enable them to engage in more commissions.

    In this pivotal way the Awards are contributing to rural, regional, as well as metropolitan tourism and art awareness across Australia.


    Some new categories are being offered this year to better reflect the breadth of public art helping to elevate artists and boost tourism across Australia.

    **NEW** Best Metropolitan Art - Original, permanent artwork in a metropolitan setting of any size that has been specifically created for the site and is publicly visible. This includes building and water tower murals, permanent hoardings, sculptures and artworks in or around bridges or utility equipment. 

    **NEW** Best Landmark Sculpture - Fame for that sculptural piece that defines your town or city! Original, 3D piece that on permanent display which has been specifically created for the space it adorns. It could have been created by a professional artist or your community.

    **NEW** Best Sculpture Trail - A collection of original 3D pieces which are promoted together as an experience in a park, outdoor gallery, garden or along a short or long trail. This includes mobile or movable art relocated on a regular basis.

    The five foundation categories are:

    Spread the word to those you feel should be represented in this awards program.
    Don't let them miss the opportunity to gain the recognition they deserve.

    Access the criteria, find out more or Register NOW. 

    In recognition of COVID a 50% discount is available for bona fide Not-for-profit and Community Organisations*. 


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