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SICs Degrees - artist call out for collaborative project

Townsville-based curator Danish Quapoor recently commissioned artists to participate in ‘SICs Degrees’, an interactive project that riffs off the spread of COVID-19. Each has created one two-dimensional artwork for other artists to complete. Audiences are encouraged to download and complete the half-finished artworks by Saturday 7 November. Artists, students and non-artists can upload their versions of the completed works for potential inclusion on the curator’s website and in an exhibition in Townsville.

The diverse group of commissioned artists (to which new artists can collaborate with) range from emerging to mid-career, although each has a strong style and exhibition history. The Townsville artists include Quapoor, who exhibited paintings in the Biennale of Australian Art in 2018, Hannah Murray, who showed paper works in Sydney Contemporary in 2019, and Marion Gaemers, whose textile collaborations with Lynnette Griffiths were recently exhibited at the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. Other Australian artists include Rhi Johnson, who was recently selected for the Print Council of Australia’s Print Commission 2020, and Karri McPherson, a recipient of the 2020 Brenda Clouten Memorial Travelling Scholarship.

All of the commissioned collaborative artworks will be presented in an online experience on Quapoor’s website, and exhibited at Murky Waters Studio in Townsville. The submitted collaborations by new artists and audiences may also included on these platforms. The SICs Degrees exhibition will open at Murky Waters Studio, 126 Hanran St, Townsville from 6pm Friday 13 November 2020.


Friday 16 October, 2020
Saturday 7 November, 2020
Murky Waters Studio & online
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126 Hanran St, Townsville QLD 4810 & www.danishquapoor.com/sics-degrees

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