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Call for Expressions of Interest: Sound West Festival Production

SOUND WEST is a live music festival and conference. It brings together the best global music across Australia and around the world, set against a backdrop of Western Sydney’s diverse urban landscape.

Global music covers multiple genres including folk music, jazz, ethnic music, Indigenous music, and music where more than one cultural tradition, such as ethnic music and Western popular music, intermingle.

SOUND WEST combines two distinct but connected elements: a daytime, industry development component and a general public festival program in the evenings with performances and gigs.

In its first year, SOUND WEST will be a stand-alone event.

In subsequent years, Live and Local (an initiative of Create NSW) will become the strategic development arm of SOUND WEST, producing satellite events approximately nine months in advance of the main event. These events will shape council bids to host the main event. Attachment A: Sound West Concept detail of the thinking to date. This outline should be seen as indicative of current thinking rather than prescriptive.

Purpose of EOI
This Invitation for EOI will be used to identify a successful candidate to produce SOUND WEST.
SOUND WEST Ltd is seeking to contract an organisation that has the experience, capability and capacity to develop, design, program, manage and deliver (the Services) SOUND WEST in July/August 2020. Following the 2020 event, there is the potential for the contract to be extended for a further one- or two-year period, entirely at the discretion of SOUND WEST Ltd.

This EOI phase of the project will primarily be focused on assessing the Event Design, Operations and General Management capabilities and experience of Invitees (the Evaluation Criteria is noted at Part A below).

Provision of innovative suggestions and value-add services that can be adopted to optimise the event, develop future business, and increase marketing exposure and the hosting benefits to Western Sydney will be considered during the EOI process.

For more details contact...

Amanda Brisot, General Manager, WSBC

Email: abrisot@wsbc.org.au

Phone: 0421118441


Wednesday 10 July, 2019
Tuesday 30 July, 2019
Venue Address

New South Wales, , Western Sydney

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