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Mondays & Thursdays, 3.30 - 5.30 pm

Monday 13 January
Thursday 16 January
Monday 20 January
Thursday 23 January
Thursday 30 January

This course is for children who want/need to build confidence and positive emotion.

We combine confidence and positive emotion building techniques with art activities, creating a safe and enjoyable experience for children.

They will learn about and develop strategies to be better equipped to deal with life’s challenges, throughout childhood and into adulthood, helping them to grow into confident, emotionally intelligent individuals.

Through fun activities and art, children will:

  • Learn how to create inner feelings of power, confidence and positivity

  • Learn to recognise core emotions within themselves and others

  • Learn how to calm emotions like fear and anger and trigger emotions like happiness

  • Have fun and create with clay, paint and drawing

In each session, we’ve also allocated three, ten-minute blocks to practise short mindfulness, meditation and slow breathing exercises, so that participants get accustomed to practising these life-changing practices.

All materials and equipment are provided and included in the cost.Participants will be able to attend future courses, where they build on what they have learned, to enable them to further grow in confidence and develop into mature and well-rounded young adults.

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