Geometric Pattern Workshops

Stephanie June Ellis

About the Course

Learn the beautiful art of traditional Universal Geometric Patterns.

I will teach you the fundamental principles behind creating traditional Patterns and guide you through the process using only a ruler and compass. Each Workshop will focus on a traditional pattern found in Architecture across the world.

Workshops can be taken seperately or together

Investment >> $45 each session

June 17th > This workshop will focus on a pattern found in CAIRO > The Sultan Lajin Minbar Mosque
Held at Fitzroy Library > 128 Moor Street

June 23rd > This Workshop will focus on a Classical Moroccan Pattern from the Alhambra, Granada Spain
Held at Laneway Learning > 17/37 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Classes runs for 2 hours >>

NO artistic skills required

Please visit online for further details and bookings



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