June Show: Platform Subway Gallery

Sometimes art just mimics a weird, mashed up version of life that appears in dreams. Such is the case with the June shows at the Platform Subway Gallery.
June Show: Platform Subway Gallery
June Show: Platform Subway Gallery Art doesn’t always mimic life. Sometimes it just mimics a weird, mashed up version of life that appears in dreams. Such is the case with the June shows at the Platform Subway Gallery. Things are seldom traditional at Platform, and this month is no exception- not to say that traditionalists won’t find something to please. Up the main drag of the gallery, Nicole Breedon and Rachel Ang take us into several worlds of wonder with their peephole installations. Nothing can be seen until your face is crammed up against the glass, which cleverly forces an up close and personal view of the works inside. The works are an assortment of familiar objects and abstract creations; they almost conjure up a Peter Pan feeling… was that something I used to know, play with? Something I imagined once? A ship trapped in a bottle... a planet in outer space? From there, Ace Wagstaff takes us into some sort of warped Alice in Wonderland place, where people and birds are literally coming out of the walls. Or are they going into the walls? Or are the walls just growing legs? I’m still trying to figure it out. (A warning here for those who are disturbed by the sight of random body parts.) Once you’ve had enough of doing your head in, there’s still more to see. Simply turn the corner and there are two more artists, and that’s without even going into Majorca. (An extension of Platform in another building.) This excellent variety has come to define the nature of Platform. There’s photography from Tania Milbourne, and installations from Aaron Moodie and Andy Hutson. Chloe Vallance’s pencil drawings are truly worth a look- stunning detail, yet each image has a very relaxed style- they have the most beautiful far-away, melancholy look. These are scattered amongst rustic objects such as tree branches and glass jars, stealing your mind away into a relaxed countryside. The June shows are interesting, weird, fun, endearing… and the list could go on. Also, given that the majority of work comes from fairly young, non-established emerging artists, it’s certainly not to be sniffed at. Definitely worth a stroll downstairs, whether you’re taking a train or not! The June shows are on until the end of the month, free entry. Location: Flinders St Subway - Entrance from Flinders or Degraves St, or Platform 13 inside the station.

Bernadette Burke

Wednesday 10 June, 2009

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