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Where are you from? By Shelley Cheng

Brisbane City Council’s Temporary Art Program presents Where are you from? by Shelley Cheng. 

A space to share experiences of otherness, this participatory artwork will present each person with a 'fortune' inside a fortune cookie that links to the artists' experience of growing up Asian in Australia.

A creative installation that speaks to the invisible violence of everyday racisms, specifically through microaggressions and positive stereotyping experienced by East Asians, the work stands as an offering of solidarity to those who share similar

Everybody is welcome to join us, as we sit down to a yum cha inspired setting to partake in fortune cookies together, objects that, although not a Chinese invention, have been imposed on Chinese people as something quintessentially Chinese.

What fortune is yours?

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This project is presented by Brisbane City Council's Temporary Art Program 2019, produced by Metro Arts and people+artist+place, made possible though the support of QUT Life and, thanks to Curiocity, a curious experience. 

Event starts
Thursday 21 March, 2019
Event Ends
Saturday 23 March, 2019
QUT Gardens Point
Venue Address
QUT Gardens Point Lawn, near entrance to the Goodwill Bridge and Riverstage


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