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M16 Artspace January Openings - Double Standard, Amy Powell, Phil Page

Double Standard

Skye Jamieson, Adina West, Tom Buckland, Rowan Mcguiness, Jess Semler, Patrick Larmour, Rosco Rissini, Ellen Sleeman-Taylor and Belle Palmer

Gallery 1

To have a double standard is to apply different sets of principles to a situation, principles that in practice are contradictory to one another, benefiting oneself or a group of people. The application of a double standard is used in a multitude of ways, and can be seen as a mechanism that dis-empowers people by the desire to be right.

Time and time again we experience double standards within society, which are present in politics, gender, social conditioning, relationships, ethics, morality and art.

Double Standard is the examination of how we affect and are affected by the principles in our lives. This exhibition challenges our Artists to present their work in a different contexts of a double standard, and juxtapose their ideas, media and use of space.

M16 Chairs Prize

Amy Powell

Gallery 2

Stumbling across something unexpected can be exciting and challenging. Oasis attempts to bombard the senses with colour, shape, tone and detail to express the feeling of utter delight when being faced with a new environment or situation. Inspired by the stark disparity of stone and tile that make up the streetscape of Malta, Oasis is all about capturing life’s hidden treasures. Sometimes when faced with unexpected situations, we are forced to take a step back and look at the ‘bigger picture’, while others draw us in and make us analyse all of the details closely.

Made up of 270 ceramic tiles, this work invites the audience to consider each tile as its own separate identity but also draws on the concept of capturing beauty from a single moment in time.Showing the work from an awarded graduate of the ANU, as part of the ANU Emerging Artists Support Scheme.

Powell was selected for this exhibition by the Chair of M16 Artspace, Vasiliki Nihas.

Urban Fragments

Phil Page

Gallery 3
Phil Page continues his explorations into Australia’s urban environments, focussing this occasion on Melbourne and the way cities have developed as urban palimpsests.

Image: Belle Palmer, Insert title here, 2019, marker on calico, 1500x1500.
Photographer: David Lindesay

Event starts
Friday 15 January, 2021
Event ends
Sunday 31 January, 2021
M16 Artspace
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21 Blaxland Crescent, Griffith

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