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Beyond Charred

Closed for the last 18 months, Carlton North's long respected Rathdowne Galleries is about to spring into life again with a temporary Pop-up Art exhibition, thanks to owner Philippa Kelly's generosity. Phillipa has offered the space to a group of artsts from East Gippsland who were all affected by this summer's unprecedented catastrophic fires which saw more than half of their region burnt. Being a summer tourist destnation  meant that many East Gippsland businesses have suffered the ongoing effects of the fire's disruption. When visitors were told to evacuate the many towns and coastal villages early in January, they did. They ALL did. The region’s economic lifeblood evaporated overnight. In response to the dire situation , local artistst Marcus Foley was prompted to make a call-out for suitable exhibiton venues outside of East Gippsland. Phillipa Kelly quickly offered up her closed gallery for such use. And so Beyond Charred was born.

"Evacuated three times, the town of Lake Tyers was spared from the fires that threatened to destroy on several occasions. A slight rise in temperature or a change in the direction of the wind and the outcome might have been very different. The tall gums, old Banksia, wattles and other native flora that engender this area with a specific beauty, keep its occupants ever vigilant and always vulnerable. "

Thick heavy smoke, falling ash and burnt debris rained from the sky forming a thick carpet over the land. This is a constant reminder of those who were not so lucky from nearby towns, and of the thousands upon thousands of helpless animals who lost their lives. There is feeling of great sadness and loss for so many in this community. The impacts are everywhere; experienced in some way, by everyone you speak with'.  Marlene Rees  textile artist 22-2-2020

 Marcus Foley 51563270 (0448  728 718) mail@oneofftwo.com

Event starts
Tuesday 17 March, 2020
Event ends
Monday 30 March, 2020
Rathdowne Gallery
Venue Address
310 Rathdowne Steet Carlton North

Melbourne ,