Zoe Milah DeJesus

Buy Me Dinner First

“Buy Me Dinner First” is an investigative art series about sexuality and intimacy by Puerto-Rican/ American artist Zoe Milah DeJesus. DeJesus has created a collection of paintings based on interviews with over 10 individuals about their attitudes, feelings and ideas towards sex. 

Describe what an orgasm feels like. 

How do you know when someone wants to have sex with you? 

How do sex and love connect in your mind? 

These questions, along with many more create an overall image of how a particular person views sex and their own sexuality. DeJesus encourages people to recall their past and talk about their experiences and desires. By portraying a diverse range of genders, identities, and ages, “Buy Me Dinner First” opens up a conversation about sex in a fun and positive way. The exhibition encourages viewers to embrace the playfulness and humor of sex and to consider the important influence that sexuality has on all parts of life.

Come out and join us for a silly and sexy evening on Friday, 21 June 6pm - 10pm at Maggie Wren's Art Space on Johnston Street in Collingwood. 

Free entry and free drinks! 

Sponsored by Two Birds Brewery

Event starts
Friday 21 June, 2019
Event Ends
Friday 21 June, 2019
Maggie Wren's Art Space
Venue Address
178 Johnston Street

Melbourne, Collingwood

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