CARTONI: containers contained | Michelangelo Russo

CARTONI: containers contained by Michelangelo Russo is a series of encaustic paintings celebrating texture and physicality utilising the everyday material of corrugated cardboard.

Using cardboard and encaustic (beeswax, damar crystals and dry pigments), this series focuses on structure, minimalism and abstraction. The outcome is three dimensional and highly textural.

The unifying structural composition is then enveloped in wax and pigment resulting in a rigid yet fluid visuals. The flat surface and the corrugated cross section of the cardboards are both used to construct each piece. The inner structure of the cardboard becomes less distinct and obscure.

The deconstruction of the cardboards lead to a reconceptualized “box been boxed”, the container contained.

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Tuesday 13 August, 2019
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Saturday 24 August, 2019
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45 Flinders Lane

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