Boroondara Arts

Life Lines by Igal Hodirker

The series of hands presented in this exhibition are disembodied, with all traces of ethnicity and intent stripped away. Each hand is dissociated from identity, yet they all draw from an intimate and shared human experience.

From this vantage of limited context, Igal Hodirker asks, "what do we really see?" Pain or pleasure? Victim or saint? Innocence or exploitation? Life Lines is a visual study of disconnection and connection, explicit and implied, public and private.

Featuring: Igal Hodirker

Showing at Town Hall Gallery until Sunday 22 September. Free entry. 

Image: Igal HODIRKER, detail from Untitled #6 (2019), indigo print of archival ink pen stippling drawing, 42 x 59 cm, image courtesy of the artist.

Event starts
Tuesday 27 August, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 22 September, 2019
Town Hall Gallery
Venue Address
360 Burwood Rd

Melbourne, , Hawthorn

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