Meteorites from Earth | Oliver Ashworth-Martin

Meteorites from Earth is an amalgamation of artist Oliver Ashworth-Martin’s fascination with space, nature and science, and his artistic practice.

The native seed pods of Australia have become a central theme Ashworth-Martin’s work. Not only do they house and protect the multitude of new life, they also symbolise nature’s continuous cycle of renewal and growth. These forms represent an endless flow of life coming into form, moving through form and leaving form.

Moving beyond traditional botanical studies my work transcends the everyday/mundane natural objects that we find scattering the land, and re-awakens a fascination with our natural world. When we become aware and mindful of our environment we see that what has always seemed so natural reveals how wondrously supernatural it really is.

Through a process of magnification, abstraction and a clear human intervention upon the native pods, the artist invites the viewer to engage in a deeper contemplation of these natural forms and see the hidden fractal order present within all life. Both his sculptural and two-dimensional practice are investigations into the timeless and formless intelligence within nature, the ghost in the machine. No matter what is removed there will always be another layer of truth waiting to be revealed.


Saturday 24 August, 11.30am


Join artist Oliver Ashworth-Martin for a fun and informative talk about his exhibition, his artistic practice and the otherworldly objects he has created.

Event starts
Tuesday 13 August, 2019
Event Ends
Saturday 24 August, 2019
Venue Address
45 Flinders Lane

Melbourne, ,

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