Wayfinder Live

Xonnington - urban mixed reality game

Discover the City of Xonnington with Wayfinder Live

Wayfinder Live is a mixed-reality mobile game that invites you to take a closer look at the streets and laneways around them. Originally developed in Melbourne, the game has been played in Bristol, Barcelona, Dublin and Singapore – now it is coming to the Chapel Street Precinct for the first time. Players will use the free Wayfinder Live app to scan hidden codes on the streets between Windsor and Prahran Stations from February 23 to March 17.

While searching for the mysterious codes, players discover urban art, local businesses, and walk down paths they may have otherwise stepped past.

When a code is found and scanned by the app, the micronation of “Ludea” will reveal itself, and you can learn the stories of its citizens. Clues are then given for the location of the next code, until all 16 in the Chapel Street precinct are found. Each code found gives players influence to occupy locations within Ludea for one of three factions – at the end of the game, the faction with the most influence on March 17 wins the power to change the micronation.

We invite players to install the app, become allied with one of three factions with a vision for the future, and hit Chapel Street to find their first code.

Xonnington has been supported by the City of Stonnington’s Arts and Cultural Grants program.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bt5YeZrQnno
Link to app: http://onelink.to/j2gtcd

Event starts
Wednesday 27 February, 2019
Event Ends
Sunday 17 March, 2019
Chapel St Precinct
Venue Address
Starting at Windsor Station and scattered up to Prahran Station

Melbourne, Prahran

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